- Angostura bitters

- Orange bitters

Cocktail bitters, craft tonics, syrups & cherries

German Wines

- Rosé from Provence - Chateau Saint Piere

- Côtes du Rhône

- Côtes de Gascogne

- Côtes de Provence

- Bordeaux

Infinite Monkey Theorem

Calligraphy Wines (Sonoma)

Calligraphy Wines celebrate the “Old World” approach of careful,
hand-crafted wine making. We found exceptional quality in the Russian River Valley in the heart of Sonoma, CA for the 2012 vintage. These wines over-deliver on quality and price.

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New York              New Jersey

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Our Portfolio in New York and New Jersey

Tomr's Tonic concentrate

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

U.S. Artisanal Beverage Company successfully manages each brand according to its individual qualities and objectives. This brand driven growth comes from a passionate team equipped with the experience and talent required to launch products, grow distribution, and build consumer demand.

- Guastella Azienda Vitivinicol

- Grans-Fassian Estate Mosel Riesling

U.S. Artisanal Beverage Company was founded by two seasoned industry pioneers with a shared passion for building alcoholic brands covering wine, beer and spirits. Their mission is to bring premium quality and high-value products from around the world to the US.  

- Bodegas Lleiroso, Ribera del Duero

Most award-winning Spanish wines in the US

In the News

Savor The Sensations 

Chilean Wines

Beliq Liqueurs

- Beliq Blood Orange

- Beliq Speculoos Cookie

U.S. Artisanal Beverage Company

New Zealand Wines

SW4 - London Dry Gin

90pts, imported from UK

Craft cocktails are continue to gain momentum and these top products ship together with our wine and spirit portfolio.

- Cranberry, Pomegranate, Pineapple & Mango fruit wine

About US

Cleveland Whiskey

- Cleveland Whiskey Black Reserve

- Cleveland Whiskey Eighty Seven

- Cleveland Whiskey Christmas Bourbon

- Cleveland Underground Black Cherry

(3 x gold award)

Calligraphy Wines

Belgarden organic elderflower beverage

Spanish Wines

- Clos Henry

- Calligraphy Pinot Noir 2012 

- Calligraphy Pinot Noir 2011 

- Calligraphy Chardonnay 2013

Cuna Del Sol

Sustainable wines

- Cabernet Sauvignon

- Sauvignon Blanc

- Carmenere

- Quality wine in a slim can: White, Red, Rosé & Moscato


Brand Expertise

Pickett's Ginger Beer Concentrate

U.S. Artisanal offers a portfolio of unique and boutique Wine and Spirits for direct distribution in NY and NJ.

All distribution (delivery and invoicing) in NY and NJ is currently handled by Park Street Imports

Belgin - Belgian Dry Gin

- Belgin Spéciale

- Belgin Fresh Hop

Regans' Orange Bitters

French Wines

Peychaud's Aromatic Bitters


Sicily Wines

We specialize in unique craft spirits from around the world


Fre-be fruit wines (California)