U.S. Artisanal Beverage Company

Beverage Sales and brand marketing consultant services

If you are unfamiliar with the US beverage market or if you have a strategic product launch that needs to be optimized by senior beverage executives, then we can help you.

We provide a range of consulting services that covers pre-launch preparations, launch kick-off and managing your brand for accelerated growth. 

We can be your US based sales and brand marketing arm that manages your brand locally on your behalf. No need to set-up a local team. Do not make the mistake in thinking that distributors will build your brand. They will not because they are heavily focused on their existing portfolio.

Planning for success: developing or reviewing your launch plan

Development of overall US 3-year plan
• Top line 3 year launch plan includes optimized structure across 3 tiers, product/brand & pricing strategy, sales and distribution plan and marketing plan. Overall budget outline

Detailed pre-launch brand insights

• in-person presentations to buyers, trendsetters, distributors, bar staff to ensure key success factors are known
• Adjust and optimize plan based on generated insights

Optimize your elevator sales pitch

Development of operational launch plan
• operational plan includes target account strategy and target lists, event activations, sales & brand ambassador plan, target distributors, influencer plan, trade events and sales milestones.

Develop and produce US marketing materials based on global guidelines

• Adopt global materials and artwork, import or locally produce marketing collateral, appoint small pr/marketing agency to handle initial US marketing needs

Roll-out repeatable winning strategy

Execute staggered or national roll-out across the US

• Solicit and appoint key distributors in selected markets. Distributors are inundated with requests for representation. We know all the various back door distribution techniques to get to a distributor.

• Manage distributor and allocate appropriate sales and marketing activation budget

• Boost distributor sales by conducting "Work Withs", one of the most efficient ways to generate sales
• Integrate learnings in other markets

Activate the brand image
• Execute a guerilla / viral marketing campaign to create brand awareness, social currency and brand consideration with the right influencers

Oversee overall budget and resources

• Allocate money, time and people for optimal sales results

U.S. Artisanal Beverage Company services:

We love beverages and cover both alcoholic (wine, spirits, beer, cider) as well as non-alcoholic beverages (craft drinks, mixers, bitters, concentrate, tonic & organic beverages).

1) National importer/distributor of wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages

- We currently distribute a number of brands nationally: CALLIGRAPHY wines, THORBERG beers, BELGIN gins, BELIQ liqueurs, PICKETT'S ginger beer & BELGARDEN organic elderflower

- We also distribute 3rd party brands to expand their brand nationally in the USA. Please contact us if you are looking for a partner to drive US growth on a national level.  
2) New York distributor of wine, spirits, beer, cider and non-alcoholic
3) New Jersey distributor of wine, spirits, beer, cider and non-alcoholic
4) Outsource your national or local (NY/NJ) marketing or sales projects to us. We can incubate, test launch or accelerate growth for your brands. Our service fees are reasonable because of the synergies with our current portfolio. We can be your Beverage Incubator and Brand Accelerator!
5) Given our local footprint in New York and New Jersey, we offer A la carte Marketing Activation services
6) Leverage our extensive distributor relationships and let us be your National sales agent for your brands
7) Beverage Business and Strategy Consulting: we can help with any beverage project from concepting to production to price strategies to board meetings. We have done $ 7 billion M&A deals as well as launched brands from scratch. We know how to turn a business into a success.

U.S. Artisanal partners with Park Street Imports for all alcohol related compliance.
For more information on U.S Artisanal or if you like to partner with us, please email info@usartisanal.com 

Securing 40-case displays at a major retailer



Services to complement your existing distributor and sales infrastructure

We can offer a fully licensed Sales & Promotional team in NY & NJ

1. Beverage incubator: test new brands or packaging with a targeted account base. Typically 6-12 months

We have the capability to execute a set number of sales activities:

- present your brand to beverage buyers

- conduct in-store sampling

- train & educate key staff

- reach out to specific accounts

- participate in trade shows and industry events 

The focus is on rigorous execution to ensure that your brand and product are in the best position to succeed. 

2. Brand accelerator: amplify your sales (minimum of +1 year)
- Complement your distributor and provide extra brand focus, strengthen critical key geographical areas, build brand image and better compete with competitors
- Increase sales ROI
      - Dedicated sales staff without paying full salary or benefits
      - Leverage our off & on-premise relationships as well as industry connections
      - Monthly email blasts to +2500 buyers/influencers
      - Distribution of store leave-behinds

      - Contact smaller restaurant and retail chains which are theoretically easier to approach. Approach Whole Foods.
      - In-store sampling 

      - Training and education of key staff
      - Manning of trade shows
      - Follow-up of your leads

- Increase marketing impact

      - manage your social media channels to connect with your customers and the trade

We provide monthly reporting with buyer response and feedback as well as a sales and marketing activation overview

​Fee structure for these services consists of a base fee + commission on sales generated

Beverage Incubator and Brand Accelerator Services

Full distribution to all accounts in good financial standing in BOTH states of NY & NJ (invoicing and logistics by Park Street):

- We have a team of regional focused sales reps covering:
1) Manhattan 2) Brooklyn / Williamsburg  3) Long Island / Hamptons 4) Westchester/ White Plains  5) Upstate NY   6) New Jersey (NYC Commuter towns, Shore, Central, PA Border towns)

- Sales team includes experienced local industry vets – wholesale, retail & on-trade / wine, spirits, cider, beer and specialty non-alc knowledgeable
- Sales channels that we cover:

       - Premium & Specialty retail

       - Wine and liquor stores

       - Grocery (non-alc, beer and where allowed spirits/wine)

       - Specialty beer retail

       - Regional & national accounts

       - Whole Foods Market, Union Market, Gourmet Garage, Citarella, Fairway, Fresh Direct

       - Nightclubs

       - Cocktail bars

       - Specific ethnic accounts (French, Belgian, American, Spanish, Mexican, Mediterranean, Latin)

       - Hotels

       - High-end restaurants

       - Wine and beer bars

- Full coverage of brand administration (registration, price posting)

- Full Trade Push & Distribution Drive
        - Monthly email blasts to +2500 buyers

        - Influencers outreach
        - Organizing supplier presentations to buyers
        - Inclusion of brand in all relevant buyer contacts

- Trade consumer pull & brand development
        - Leverage all your brand marketing materials 

        - Distribution of store leave-behinds
        - In-store sampling across a wide range of accounts

        - Social media amplification (Twitter, Instagram, ...)

- Merchandising, training and education of key staff

- Additional activation per Supplier budget
        - Trade shows, custom promotions, social media campaigns, on-premise activation

New York and New Jersey distributor services

U.S. Artisanal Beverage Company was founded by two Consumer Package Goods and beverage industry veterans who each have an impressive track record in building and growing brands successfully in the US.

They met for the first time 15 years ago when developing and crafting the Stella Artois US launch plan. Combined, they have worked in all four beverage categories (wine, spirits, beer and non-alcoholic) and have held senior executive roles at companies such as AB Inbev, Heineken, Brooklyn Brewery and Eber-NDC.  They have built up an extensive network of decision-makers, influencers and tastemakers that encompass all aspects of brand success - including suppliers, distributors, bar and retail management as well as consumers.  Together, they combine world-class expertise with hands-on street execution.

They have decades of experience in developing, launching, growing and turning brands around in the US, and know how to be locally relevant from Seattle to Miami. In addition, they know how to be successful in the greater New York area which is a key to unlock US success. Additionally, they are extremely successful in connecting with Millennial consumer trends, culture and engaging through social media to drive brand growth.

Gotham Artisanal

- Pickett's Ginger Beer

- Regan's bitters

- Peychaud's bitters

- Luxardo's cherries

- Tomr's tonic

- McClure's pickles

- Jack Rudy cocktail co

Q-Tonic / beverage company

Employee's Only brands

Stella Artois


Brooklyn Brewery

Sierra Nevada








Samual Smith

Paulaner / Hacker-Schorr

Anchor brewing


90+ Cellars

Nicolas Fuiellatte Champagne

Maker's Mark Bourbon

St Germain

Don Q Rums

Charbay Family Distillery

Anchor distilling

Rhum Clament

Buffalo trace distillery

Svedka vodka

Tito's vodka

Ron zapaca rum





US Brand and Sales development work