An artfully crafted and well-balanced wine. Richly aromatic with floral notes and hints of honeysuckle, grapefruit and pear.

Luxurious mouthfeel gives way to a refreshing, crisp finish. 

Pairs well with salads, veggies, cheeses, poultry and seafoods.

Calligraphy is the ancient, time-honored and revered pen & ink method used for centuries to record treasured novels, poetry and history. Calligraphy Wines celebrate the “Old World” approach of careful, hand-crafted wine making.

Located adjacent to the Russian River on West Side Road, the vines are influenced by the fog that enters from the southern Petaluma Gap as well as the cold air that hovers over the actual Russian River. This duel influence creates cooler days allowing the grapes to retain its natural acidity. Planted on the ancient river bed the 30 year old vines produce a rich wine of deep character.

Plentiful sunshine and perfect temperatures combined to create what will be remembered as an extraordinary 2012 vintage in Northern California. The weather yielded layers of flavor and terrific structure in the grapes—which translated to excellent wine. the sun kept shining, with beautifully consistent daytime temperatures that hovered between 85 degrees and 90 degrees. Nights cooled off to the mid-50’s, preserving essential acidity in the grapes. We had the luxury of picking each vineyard exactly when desired without any pressure from inclement weather.


Calligraphy - Artfully handcrafted wines from Callifornia

U.S. Artisanal Beverage Company

Calligraphy Sauvignon Blanc - Dry Creek Valley (2014)

​​Calligraphy Pinot Noir - Russian River Valley (2012)

The primary vineyard in this classic Russian River Valley blend is located on a gentle southwest facing slope which allows the fruit to ripen evenly across the entire vineyard. The balance of the fruit is from a vineyard on the heart of the valley planted on the famous Gold Ridge soil. Dijon clone 115 contributes cherry floral character that is at the core of this wine.

Plums and cherryfruit pair up with spice and sweet earth notes. The flavors are true on the pallet with a weighty middle mouth that is balanced by the perfect amount of acidity. Balance (Fruit)....Elegance (Tannin)....Finesse (Acid)...

​​Open fermentation and 11 months in French oak contribute to an exceptional wine.

Calligraphy Chardonnay - Russian River Valley (2013)

A superbly ripened and elegant wine. The texture is luscious with a subtle tropical aroma. The palate displays ripe pear and white peach, complemented with just a hint of fine, clean oak and a crisp finish.

Enjoy on its own or with a wide variety of lighter foods.