New York:

- Varmax Liquor Pantry, Portchester, (914) 937-4930

- 42nd Street Wine Loft, New York, (212) 736-1375

- Marketview Liquor, Rochester, (888) 427-2480

- New Commack Liquors, Commack, (631) 864-2808

- Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Whse, Clifton Park, (518) 688-0153

Radically Different

Small custom and often experimental whiskies which push the boundaries of tradition, expectations and flavor. Cleveland Underground is radically different. Their bourbons and whiskies are finished with woods that range from black cherry and sugar maple to persimmon and pistachio. Some are infused with rooibos and hibiscus, or rested in barrels that include histories of Jamaican rum, craft beers or habanero peppers. 

Cleveland Whiskey has developed disruptive technology to dramatically accelerate the maturation and flavor development of distilled spirits. Their process creates a flexible and scalable “just-in-time” manufacturing environment, and a better product. Their approach to making whiskey is Radically Different. Some call it sacrilege, but all we care about is taste.

Cleveland Underground

U.S. Artisanal Beverage Company

Here are a small selection of outlets where you can buy Cleveland Whiskey:

Online store selling to many states: 

New Jersey:

- Joe Canal's Discount Liquor 

- Village Wine Shop, Maplewood, (973) 763-3778

- Whole Foods, Red Bank

- The Thirsty Quaker, Jersey City, (201) 659-2304

U.S. Artisanal is the New York and New Jersey distributor of Cleveland Whiskey. Contact us at or +1 914 413 8025 to inquire about this great American bourbon.