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Blanc 32, a brilliant French white wine cuvée.

The picturesque countryside of  Gascony is a terroir marked by rolling green hillsides, charming ancient villages, warm sunny skies, and breathtaking views of  the Pyrenees Mountains. The area’s rich soils create luscious dry, crisp, refreshing, aromatic, and fruity white wines.

Blend: 35% Sauvignon Blanc, 25% Colombard, 25% Ugni Blanc, 15% Gros Manseng

Tasting Notes: Medium bodied with luscious fruit flavors. Crisp and refreshing with excellent acidity. Well-balanced with a sumptuous long bright finish.

Culinary Pairings: Fish, seafood, sushi, chicken, turkey, pork, Asian and ethnic dishes, cheeses, hors d'oeuvres, vegetable dishes, and salads.

Rich and dark with ripe red fruit notes. Full-bodied, well rounded with notes of plums and black currants and a long luscious finish.

Noir: French malbec wines from Cahors have been known throughout history as “The Black Wine” and are reputedly the darkest in the world as they are almost black, or “Noir” in color. Noir 46 is the essence of French malbec – intensely rich color, intriguingly delicious fruit flavors, great complexity and structure—all beautifully integrated to create a succulent red wine.
Location: The Cahors wine region in France is the birthplace of Malbec and is located in the Lot Valley, where the Lot River runs southwest of Bordeaux. It is a compact area that is 60 kms long by 30 kms wide and comprising of 4250 acres with 45 villages. Cahors lies between the 44th and 45th Parallels, being equidistant (200 km) from the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees. This geographical position ensures that the vineyard is protected from both the Atlantic humidity and the Mediterranean downpours in the autumn which enables ripening of the crop without rain, through a sunny late summer. 

The Number 46: Cahors is the capital of Lot, which is geographically located in Southwestern France in Département 46 (aka zip code), one of the original 83 Départements or “territories” (essentially zip codes) created during the French Revolution. The area is the  birthplace of malbec wines and has a very rich history. The vineyards in Cahors are among the first planted in France by the Roman Emperors, more than two thousand years ago. Cahors has extraordinary terrior with many 100 year old vines.

Tech &  Tasting Notes:  Aged 18 months. The color is intensely dark. Powerful aromas on the nose of red and black fruits. Firm with lively fruit, spice and savory herbal  flavors and a long finish with hints of  black pepper. Ripe tannins, good concentration, balance, and structure.

Pairings:  Perfect with red meats, game, cheeses, hamburgers, pasta, salads, and chocolate desserts.

​​Noir 46 French Malbec, AOC Cahors France

Malbec wine

Chateau Tuilerie Pages 

Cabernet Franc 2011

Bordeaux wine

89 points Wine Enthusiast 

Pinot Noir

Each case of 24 is packed BY SINGLE VARIETAL in 6 four-packs of 8.4oz cans.  Each Four-pack equals one liter.


The Infinite Monkey Theorem Red Wine

The Infinite Monkey Theorem White Wine

The Infinite Monkey Theorem Rose Wine

The Infinite Monkey Theorem Moscato Wine 

Who doesn’t love portable alcohol? 

Heading to the hills?  Going to the pool? A concert? The park?  Hiking, Biking, Camping or Golfing? Cans offer a lightweight, pack in-pack out alternative to glass.  Hey, carry it from the refrigerator to the porch, or take it to the kids soccer game – we wont judge!

Because It's Green

Oh how we love the outdoors and oh how we want it to be beautiful for generations to come.  Aluminum is not only 100% recyclable, but infinitely recyclable too.  In fact, a recycled can can be back on the shelf in as little as 60 days.  This year we plan to put at least 125,000 liters of wine in cans.  So…that equates to 14,000 cases of glass bottle, which is equivalent of putting six tractor trailers of bottles into landfill every year!  So how’s that for doing our part?

Infinite Monkey Theorem - ridiculously good wine in a can

Vignobles Blanc 32 Cuvée - 2013

White wine

Clos Henri is the wine estate meticulously established and organically run by the famous Sancerre wine growing family of Henri Bourgeois.

Voluptuous Pinot Noir expressed from our clay blocks

Calligraphy Pinot Noir - 2012

Russian River Valley, Sonoma, USA

AOC Entre Deux Mers


A nice robe with light yellow glints with an elegant nose and a well round mouth with lovely citrus and mango flavors.


This elegant Château Tuilerie Pagès white Bordeaux wine is a perfect aperitif. It pairs beautifully with fish and seafood, cheeses, chicken, salads, and appetizers.

Sauvignon - White Bordeaux 2013 

AOC Côtes de Provence

Provence rosé's is recognized as the gold standard quality rosé.

Rosé Blend:  40% Grenache | 60% Cinsault

Tasting Notes:  Elegant pale color with traditional salmon-pink tints. Fresh fruit nose of white peaches with hints of spice evolving into aromas of apricot, guava, and exotic fruits. These flavors are unique to the Château’s  terrior near Saint Tropez. Here, the Provençal sun's rays caress the grapes to perfection, creating this superb award winning wine. Full on the palate with good acidity - a crisp rich wine with flavors typical of the unique Chateau Saint-Pierre soil. Complex and balanced with a luscious long finish.

Winemaking: The grapes are hand picked and macerated in a vat for  18 hours. The temperature is strictly controlled at 14ºC. The grapes are gently pressed and decanted for 24 hours before alcoholic fermentation. The rosé wine then undergoes malolatic fermentation to bring out the earth aromas and develops the roundness and length on the palate. The wine is then kept in vats until bottled.    

Pairings: Fish & Shellfish, Pasta, Sushi, Asian, Pork, Pizza, Cheese & Crackers, Chicken & Turkey, and Salads. 

Riemerschmid Bitters

Orange bitters

Luxardo Cherries

Ideal cherries for your cocktails

Peychaud's bitters

Aromatic bitters

Bitters, Tonics and cocktail concentrated syrups

Bodegas Lleiroso (Ribera Del Duero) avaiable for New York

LVZMillar Roble Tempranillo 2012

Lleiroso Reserva 2006

Lleiroso Sergio Hernandez Reserva 2009

Le Petit Panier, Cabernet Sauvignon - 2012

Vin de France  

85 points Wine Enthusiast + Best Buy

Cabernet Sauvignon

The primary vineyard in this classic Russian River Valley blend is located on a gentle southwest facing slope which allows the fruit to ripen evenly across the entire vineyard. The balance of the fruit is from a vineyard on the heart of the valley planted on the famous Gold Ridge soil. Dijon clone 115 contributes cherry floral character that is at the core of this wine.Type your paragraph here.

Plums and cherryfruit pair up with spice and sweet earth notes. The flavors are true on the pallet with a weighty middle mouth that is balanced by the perfect amount of acidity. 

Rose Wine

88 points Wine Enthusiast 

90 points Wine Enthusiast 

Well known for its finesse, renowned for its origin, Le M de Monségur Reserve is 100% Cabernet Franc and is sourced from the best plots in Bordeaux. This lush wine represents the heart of this extraordinary Bordeaux terroir and expresses the passion, care, and sensory experience that the artisan growers intended. Le M de Monségur Reserve is elegant, rich, and sumptuous.

TASTING NOTES & PAIRINGS: With luscious ripe fruit notes and smoky hints of tobacco and black Tea, Le M de Monségur pairs perfectly with roasted beef or lamb, game, pork, sausages, pizza, ethnic dishes, and chocolate desserts.

Le M de Monségur Bordeaux

Chateau Saint-Pierre "Tradition" Rosé

The following boutique wines, craft spirits, bitters, tonics and cocktail concentrate syrups are exclusively available for retail accounts in the New York and New Jersey area.

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Regan's Bitters

Orange bitters

We offer the following beverages:

Wine, Spirits, Beer, Cider, Bitters, cocktail syrups

Riemerschmid Bitters

Angostura bitters

Seven Fathoms Rum: Rum aged 42 feet underwater in the Cayman Islands

Cleveland Whiskey: Bourbon whiskey from Cleveland - Cleveland Black Reserve Bourbon and The Eighty-seven

Busted Barrel Rums: Rums from New Jersey's first micro distillery

SW4 Gin: 90 points London Dry Gin

Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne, France

Le petit Panier Cabernet Sauvignon pairs beautifully with grilled meats, pizza, hamburgers, pasta and BBQ.

Fusional Pinot Noir - 2013

​Clos Henri, New Zealand​