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- Pleasantly fruity & citrus nose and taste
- Harmonious and balanced body
- Crisp and hoppy after taste
Alcohol by volume: 6.5% 
International Bitterness Units: 40 
Serving Temperature: Cool

Hop varieties: 
- Belgian hop: Golding 
- American hops: Williamette, Mosaic, Citra and Equinox.
- Combination of dry and late hopping

Fermentation: one of the few double fermented IPAs

Cheese Pairing Ideas: 

Blue, Cheddar, Edam, Gorgonzola 

Combining the best of American and Belgian brewing traditions and expertise

Thorberg Five Hop Belgian IPA

One of the best tasting Belgian IPA is coming to the New York and New Jersey area.

Thorberg Five Hop is rated higher than Duvel Triple Hop and La Chouffe on Untappd.

We have brought the popular American India Pale Ale style back to Belgium and in doing so have combined the best from this style such as the wonderful American hop varieties with Belgian finesse, hops and centuries of craftsmanship.

We provide a Belgian craft brewing perspective that defines a Belgian IPA.

With our Five Hop Belgian IPA we bring together late and dry hopping techniques with 5 of the finest Belgian and American hop varieties: Golding, Williamette, Mosaic, Citra and Equinox.

Additionally, our specially selected yeast provides a full rounded taste and balance that is so wonderful in Belgium beers.

A Belgian IPA that is well balanced fruity with a refreshing and pleasantly hoppy finish.